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Empties 2015 - Mar/Apr/May/June/July

I failed again posting this in April and May and June and July, so I'm combining all five months. Let's just say I'm efficient, k?

I had to break it down because of the amount of products I finished. Which is a win right?

16 & 17. Pantene Curl Perfection Shampoo. I really like this line of Pantene, my hair is clean but not dry. I have a few more already so will likely repurchase again at some point in the future.
18. Pantene Curl Perfection Conditioner. Lightweight to not weigh it down but heavy enough to moisturize. Love it. Repurchased already.
19. L'Oreal total Repair Conditioner. Really enjoy this line also. Does really well for me. Enjoy the specific Loreal scent but prefer Pantene scent over it. Unsure if I'll repurchase.
20. Pantene Beautiful Lengths Shampoo. Love this line, it's my fave of all their lines. I use it no matter how long my hair is. It's the only one that my hair doesn't get used to, and you know that means it's a keeper.
21. Pantene Beautiful Lengths Conditioner. LOVE THIS ONE THE MOST. If I had to pick one conditioner to use for the rest of my life this would be it. Hands down. No questions. It always makes my hair soft and easy to brush regardless of shampoo or products or detanglers. I can use less or skip the leave in conditioner when I use this and my hair is lovely.
22. Pomegranate. Animal friendly, cruelty free. Enjoyed the very bright pomegranate scent but it didn't linger on the hair like I'd have liked. It didn't do much for my hair and it was really dry, had to really douse it in oil to keep it soft. Won't repurchase.
23. Feria conditioner. Dyed my hair, used this after, Good stuff. Wish I could get it as a conditioning mask to use a few times a week.
24. Garnier Olia. ditto on above. Good stuff.
25. L'Occitane Conditioning Shampoo. Love the scent of this - where can I buy it?
26. L'Occitane Conditioner. Love the scent, again, where can I buy it?

27. Aussie You Can Shine hairspray. Used to help keep my curls curly. It was nice, I always like the Aussie scent of coconuts (at least that's what I smell). Very beach-y. I have other hairsprays and this one wasn't super special so unsure if will repurchase unless it's on sale.
28. Pantene Curls Spray Gel. OMG LOVE THIS STUFF. I fell in love and can't say enough good things about it. I love that it helps my hair be curly and shiny without being sticky (hello hairspray) or crunchy (hello mousse). It smells nice but it doesn't stick around which is fine with me. Easy to apply since you spray it, super quick to do my hair in the mornings, and after I fix my curls a but rinses easily off, no scrubbing or sticky hands after. Already repurchased and plan to use until they stop making it...
29. Pantene Volume Spray Gel. I like this stuff too but not quite as much. My curls aren't quite as curly and it's a little crunchier, but nothing I can't tease out (and it doesn't make that white flaky mess some hairsprays and mousse will do). Already repurchased this one too so I have backups.
30. Garnier Fructis Body Boost. This started my love of spray gel. Doesn't work as well as the Pantene but that's ok. I'm reusing this bottle for my spray de-tangler. Won't repurchase as Pantene has the market on that one for me!
31. One N Only Argan oil. Nice light leave in oil for my dry ends. Used it more when my hair was longer but I've since cut off about 8 inches so I don't need this, too heavy for my hair and it wreaks havoc on my scalp. Love the scent though. Light and nutty, I'd wear it as a perfume if I could! I purchased this at Sally's beauty Supply. Don't plan to buy again. I think I prefer spray dry oil for my hair.

32. Infusion 23 leave in conditioner. This was a bottle that was already partially finished and I used it up for the sake of using it up but leave in conditioner has become a staple in my routine now. Soft, light scent and helps my crazy permed curly hair de-tangle after showering. I'm not sure if I'll repurchase this specifically but I'll def be using leave in conditioner/detangler every day.
33. Generic Hair Treatment. Again, given this bottle partially used and I'm done with this one too! it's a generic for Infusion 23 which I think they work equally well. Again, not sure if I'll repurchase but I think this price is better than the name brand one and works just as well.

34. Everyday Shea Calming Lemon Lavender Shea Butter Shampoo & Body Wash. Pretty cool stuff. I have so many bath products in my shower it's nice to consolidate. I'm not super picky with shampoo so it worked fine. Love the pump. Smelled nice, very light and didn't linger. I don't plan on repurchasing. I did like that it's kind on eyes, cruelty free. I purchased this on iHerb.
35. Bath & Body Works Sensual Amber. Love this scent. Soft and feminine and musky. Enjoyed it. I have TONS of body wash so don't anticipate purchasing any for a long time, but I'd try this scent again.
36. Desert Essence Green Apple and Ginger body wash. Loved this stuff. Smelled like ginger and granny smith apples. Strange combination that was a little tart and spicy. As much as I enjoyed the scent, I don't think I'll go out of my way to repurchase unless there is a sale or something on their stuff. I did enjoy that it was animal friendly. Again, purchased on iHerb.

37. e.l.f. Acne Fighting Foundation in Porcelain. I've only used this a few times. It makes my eyes burn no matter how I apply it, even though I'm not applying it anywhere near my eyes. Goes on well, covers well, but then my oil wreaks havoc on it and it separates and comes off really easily. I look a hot mess by noon. Really wanted to like it but I couldn't find a good combo of moisturizer vs primer vs bare skin to make it work. Not even finished but it wasn't too expensive so tossing it to make some room.
38. Garnier BB Cream Combination to Oily in Light/Medium. Love this stuff. Applies easily with brush or fingers, covers well, don't really need anything underneath. Not full coverage but works for daily stuff (or for everything if you're like me and have never perfected "full coverage"). Thinking about repurchasing as I like having that option on hand and works well in dryer months, although now that I'm back in TX, we don't have a lot of dry weather here.
39. Philosophy the Present. Moisturizer/primer for oily skin, smells like lavender due to the lavender oil that goes away once it's dry. I've had this for years and the top seal broke so it dried out, feels like glue now. Didn't really use it a lot. Tried to make it a tinted moisturizer (fail), used as a moisturizer (fail), and a primer (fail). Won't repurchase.
40. Revlon ColorStay Normal/Dry in 150 Buff. Bought this one as I heard it had good staying power but blended better than the oily skin version. Did ok, never really figured out how to make these work. Didn't finish it but way too old to keep now. Likely won't repurchase.
41. Revlon ColorStay Combination/Oily in 180 Sand Beige. Bought this one as everyone loves it on the internet. Again, did ok, never really figured out how to make it work well. Not finished but so old so needs to go. I have repurchased this one recently to try again.
42. Mahya Eye Primer. Great primer, forgot about it and came back to it but it dried out before I could finish it. I liked the pot but they dry out soon quickly compared to the tubes. My makeup still creased and as it got dry I had a hard time applying my makeup over it, was too sticky and gummy. In the beginning, was a decent primer. Unsure if I'll repurchase, if I get my usual Urban Decay or Bare Minerals then I get free gifts from Sephora and Ulta.
43. Wet N Wild Fergie Take On The Day Mattifying Powder. Tried this as I love the WNW Fergie eye primer (using it daily currently). This powder was OK. Very soft and broke easily, even when just using a soft brush. Did look a bit ashy and I had to reapply a few times throughout the day but that's normal for me. Not super impressed, don't think I'll buy again.
44. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Love. This. Stuff. I'll keep rebuying forever.
45. BareMinerals Prime Time eyelid primer. This is the original formulation, was a sample in a kit. Enjoyed it, can't say more or less than Urban Decay but it worked. I found out you can also mix their eyeliner powders in with this to make a creme liner which was very cool. Not sure if I'll repurchase since I'm currently enjoying WNW Fergie eyeshadow primer and it's doing what I need it to do for a fraction of the cost.

46. St. Ives Blemish Control green Tea Scrub. Use this a few times a week, switch between this one and the one for blemish prone skin with apricot seeds. Already have a few backups from a sale.
47. Carmex Healing Cream tin. I love the smell of Carmex, didn't like the cream. Too oily for my taste.
48. Yogini.  Don't even remember what this smelled like. Obviously didn't enjoy it too much but was nice to mix it up a bit in my perfumes.

There you have it! Almost to 50 products for the year!

Have you been using up stuff in your stash or just needing to clean it out of old stuff like me? I always feel a little better when I use something up, like I'm not being wasteful and purchasing stuff just for it to get old or thrown away before it gets used (don't look back at the makeup section, I'm really bad about that)!

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