Thursday, June 11, 2015


Only one picture today of this one. It was a grander idea than manicure. Ever have that happen?

The polish itself is gorgeous. Red fiery glitter with lots of extras only Shimmer Polish can do. Cindy is fantastic. It was the execution that was the problem.

Shimmer Cindy

I wanted red glitter tips. Not too hard, right? I started out my usual tips manicure but I used elmer's glue (per my usual recent routine) as a base coat since glitter can be such a pain to remove. I did a red tip in a red polish by Orly (I forgot the name) but when I went to clean up the tips with acetone (similar to what they do at nail salons with a brush to make a clean edge) the glue underneath had a fit. It started lifting and pulling. If I pulled too much it started to move my french tip. Sigh. #nailpolishproblems

So I cleaned as best I could, then just did the glitter over the tips. It looks good from afar but if you get too close you can see it's a hot mess. Good idea though, I'll have to work on my execution. Hence the kinda far away picture. =)

Nailtiques Formula 2 (nail tips only)
Elmer's Glue (for peel off base coat -- nail tips only)
Orly red (forgot name, sorry! -- nail tips only)
Shimmer Cindy (3 coats - nail tips only)
Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender

For those of you who do glitter french tips, what's your secret?


Glad you stopped by. Have a great day!

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