Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Angel Dust

Possibly my favorite polish from the Barielle Bling It On Collection - Angel Dust.

Barielle Angel Dust is a gorgous multichrome glitter in a clear polish. Fantastic over a polish (I'd still keep it neutral underneath but can be very flashy over a dark blue or purple to really bring out the gold and green) but can be work over bare nails for a more neutral look. 

Barielle Angel Dust

As you can see, I wore if over bare nails without a base color. It doesn't get rid of the nail line but the glitter is so reflective it really softens it so it's not very noticeable. Of course, still pictures make it easier to see, but when you're out and about in life, no one is going to notice. Unless they also do nails like we do!

Barielle Angel Dust

That glitter is so fantastic. Gold, green, even bits of pink at certain angles. Love it. As you can see, I couldn't take enough pictures.

Barielle Angel Dust

I ended up putting a coat of matte top coat on it and I LOVED it. Although I didn't take a pic and then it chipped since it was at the end of a few days wear. Trust me though, it was beautiful. If I do it again, which I think I will in the near future, I'll snap a pic quickly. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson at this point to not wait until later to photo my nails. Something always happens. =)

Nailtiques Formula 2
Elmer's Blue (peel off base coat)
Barielle Angel Dust (3 coats)
Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender

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