Monday, February 9, 2015

2015 Valentine's Day Challenge - Red Passion

Hello lovelies! Halfway through the challenge already, can you believe it? Time flies, that's for sure.

Today is Red Passion. For some reason, when I think of intense passion, I think of black and red. It might be because those are my husband's favorite colors in combination.

I chose to do a simple black nail with Wet N Wild Black Creme with a glitter gradient of Wet N Wild On The 101. Please excuse the extra dry skin. I just washed my hands from doing my makeup and didn't notice it until I started editing pictures... Gotta love macro.

I'm still working on these glitter gradients. They're tough to get right.

My thumb was my favorite. More nail space to get a good gradient. There would be ore pictures but I smudged them while photographing. How exactly, I have no idea.

I'll show you one anyway, just for effect. Squint a little and you might not notice the smudge! haha

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