Tuesday, September 10, 2013

31DC2013: Day 10 Gradient Nails

Hello lovelies! Today's post is late today and that's because I've been super busy recently with my garden. If you'd rather just look at nails, scroll down a bit! So I've been super busy with harvesting from my garden which has taken over my life recently. We've gotten corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, eggplant, jalapenos, green/red/orange/yellow bell peppers, cayenne peppers, and beans. I've got watermelon and canteloupe getting ready to be harvested soon. We also have a huge mature pear tree that is crazy heavy with fruit so we're picking pounds and pounds every day! Yesterday was my (and my mother's) first try at pear butter (yum!) and canning. It's been super busy, but a lot more fun than I was expecting. I'm already planning an even bigger garden for next year!

On to the nails!

My gradient is an orange and coral gradient with overlying black and white glitter to help hide the uneven polish gradient! I chose to do the technique by Rebecca Likes Nails and this mani is a la Chalkboard Nails. It's a really easy way to do a gradient using jelly polishes. Much cleaner but sometimes the gradient isn't quite as perfect, which is where the overlying glitter helps to mask it!

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Polishes Used:
Barielle Nail Strengthening Protein
Zoya Coraline
Zoya Kate
Maybelline Clearly Spotted
Seche Vite

Maybelline Clearly Spotted was ok, but I wasn't thrilled with it. I was so happy to see a drugstore version of a black and white glitter that has taken the nail polish world by storm. I have Cover Bands Lacquers Sticks 'N Stones, which I ultimately prefer, but here is a quick comparison below.

black and white glitter, nail art

Cover Bands Lacquers Sticks 'N Stones is a supposed dupe for Lynderella Connect the Dots, but you can see a great comparison and reference done by Chalkboard Nails here that compares 36 different black and white glitters (I think that count is correct). Maybelline Clearly Spotted has more glitter, which you'd think would be nice, but it takes over the nail and makes it hard to see anything underneath. I also feel it looks a bit dirty, for lack of a better word, with all the fine glitter present.

Which black and white glitter do you prefer?

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