Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Shooting Star

Finally! Barielle Bling It On Collection swatches. I wore these all back to back, I couldn't get enough. Hope you like them too.

Starting with Barielle Shooting Star. Beautiful polish with soft shimmer that morphs between opalescent to pink to purple with blue glitter. 

Barielle Shooting Star
Look at that shooting color. Gah! Love it.

These color changing polishes are always hard to capture, but you can see in the below pictures in low lighting how the edges are turning pink and purple. Most of the time I'm disappointed with these because they look awesome in the bottle, but I don't have 90 degree angles on my nails to produce the same color shifts. This one was fantastic and everyone who saw it really liked it.

Barielle Shooting Star

Three coats looked great and soft although I think a single layer on top of a grey polish would be fabulous.

Barielle Shooting Star

Nailtiques Formula 2
Elmer's Glue (for peel off glitter base coat - life saver!)
Barielle Shooting Star (3 coats)
Barielle Ultra Speed Dry Manicure Extender

I just closed the browser and thought I lost this post so I'm signing off before I screw anything up! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day.

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