Wednesday, April 4, 2012


I've been tagged by five lovely ladies ... Rustic Comfort, Jenn, DragonLady, NPA and AliciaD372...

I've been tagged before, and you can see my random facts here and here, but I'll try to think of 11 more!

1. I was born in Montana but have lived all but three years of my life in Texas.
2. I'm moving to Misourri in a few months, and I just found out today the (small) town I'm moving to doesn't have any drug stores or Sally's! I'm hyperventilating a lil here.
3. My husband has a 1977 Stingray Corvette that he's fixing up - dark blue paint with white leather interior. Ahh, she's a beauty. He named her after me!
4. I used to do art when I was in high school, and I like that nail art gives me a bit of that creative outlet that I used to enjoy.
5. I'm really bad about putting up pictures in frames - in my living room there are six frames that were presents that are displayed with the ad photos in it. Oopsy!
6. I love hard liquor and sweet wine, but I don't do beer.
7. I love the idea of taking long bubble baths, but after about 10 minutes, I get bored and get out. Maybe I should take a book in with me?
8. I have a quarter sized area on my back just to the right of my left shoulder blade that has no sensation. I had a knotted muscle there about 8 or 9 years ago and then that area just went numb. It's so weird.
9. I have this insane worry about what ya'll out there in internet land think of me, even though I have no idea who you are and you don't know who I am.
10. I try to live my life with a "Do unto others" mentality. If I can help someone, I genuinely try, because if I'm ever in a tough spot, I hope someone will help me out if they can.
11. I've been growing my nails out and they're the longest they've ever been (even though they're not that long) - and I woke up with a big ass scratch on my forehead. I think I cut myself while I was asleep. =)

Here are Rustic Comfort's questions:
1. Do you have any kids? Nope, no kids. Three doggies that are with my parents that I show pictures of and talk about like they're my kids!
2. What is a guilty pleasure of yours? Quiet time with a book.
3. What is the most you have paid for a beauty product? Ummm, like $80 for a tooth whitening kit - I returned it, it sucked. Otherwise $60 for an Urban Decay Book of Shadows.
4. Who is your favorite actress? Sandra Bullock - hands down love her!
5. Favorite band? Glee cast? haha Umm, Zac Brown Band. I can't think of many bands I know off the top of my head ...
6. Who is your celebrity crush? Ummm I have so many of them! Jensen Ackles, Jared Padelecki, Chris Pine ... Yummy
7. What is your favorite summer nail polish color? Anything hot pink. I usually wear it all summer on my toes. Of course, this was LAST summer before my addiction started so who knows what it will be this year!
8. Favorite dessert? Chocolate covered strawberries! Followed by cheesecake. Or warm chocolate chip cookies. Or Flan. Mmmmm I'm hungry.
9. How many bottles of polish do you own? Haha, after my latest haul this weekend, I'm up to 474! Eek.
10. What type of car do you drive? Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder.
11. Favorite book? Sphere by Michael Crichton. The movie was OK, but the book was freaking awesome!

And Jenn's questions:
1. Favorite candy? Almond Roca. Or Reese's Pieces. Or Cadbury Egg's the original kind.
2. What would you rather do without makeup or nail polish? Honestly, nail polish. Just because I have such bad skin and I look terrible (and I mean terrible) without makeup. I can swing no nail polish.
3. What music genre is your favorite? Alternative, I think. It changes daily. Or country.
4. What is your favorite season? Fall.
5. Would you rather shop online or in a store? Depends what I'm buying. Clothes - in a shop but my stamina is short as is my patience. Anything else - online.
6. What is your favorite nail color/finish? Glitter! Followed closely by glass fleck.
7. Define beauty. Oooh good one. This is tough. *thinks* Beauty is being able to see past the imperfections. I think that was on a fortune cookie of mine years ago. I should put that on my blog somewhere.
8. What makes you happiest? Getting high on nail polish fumes. haha I keed I keed. My husband smiling at me.
9. What is your favorite beauty brand/product? Urban Decay!
10. What is the most important trait you look for in a friend? Honesty.
11. What is your biggest pet peeve? People being mean for no reason other than to make themselves feel better about themselves.

And DragonLady's questions:
1. How big is your polish horde? Do you think it's big enough? 471 ^.^ Never big enugh!
2. How long have you been blogging? Since 11/11. Ha! Just realized it's all ones...
3. What is your favorite type of polish? Glitter!
4. One polish/trend/finish/collection that everyone else seems to love but you don't? This caviar mani thing - I don't get it.
5. What shape and length do you like your nails? 1-2mm past my fingertips, but that's super long for me because my nail beds are teeny, so that means the free edge > nail bed. And square.
6. Konad or nail art or both? Both! I'm not very good at stamping but now with my new found knowledge of acrylic paint - I'm in love!
7. What's your favorite thing to find or read on a nail blog? Oh gosh, I don't know. I like everything! I guess nail art tutorials. I like seeing the progression, it's like a behind the scenes look!
8. Name the best hand lotion or cuticle cream you have used. Um, Burt's Bees Lemon Cuticle Cream? I haven't used many - I want to try Lush's Lemony Flutter!
9. How many frankens have you made? One. Enough to paint all my nails.
10. Nail polish jewelry - yay or nay? Yay!
11. Is your polish addiction a recent or ongoing love? Recent. I was in love with pens and makeup, now my obsession has shifted!

And NPA's questions!
1. Cat or dog? Dog! Big dogs! Like shepherds, labs, rotty's!
2. Where do you live and what is it like there? I live in a suburb close to Houston, TX so my city is pretty metropolitan with all the amenities of big city life close by.

3. setting aside human beings, who/what do you love most in the world. I'm talking an object, a pet, or an activity here. My puppies! They are like my kids.
4. what is the best part of blogging to you? meeting new people with the same interests, it's like we're all kindred spirits!
5. what is at the top of your bucket list? diving at australia's great barrier reef
6. favourite book/s? sphere by michael crichton, hands down
7. favourite animal? tiger (even though I'm a dog person, go figure)
8. favourite nail polish? I'm having a hard time thinking of just one, but probably something glittery and holo!
9. what beauty product couldn't you live without? concealer. my poor skin.
10. sweet or savoury? sweet!
11. How do you feel about indie polishes? I like the idea behind them, and more power to the ladies behind them, but I'm not a big fan of the actual polishes for the most part. I think there are two or three out of the hundreds out there that have caught my eye, but not enough to actually buy them ...

And Alicia's questions:
1. What is your dream job? The job I have now! =) Which I'm keeping under wraps. But if I couldn't do what I do now, I'd love to be an author.
2. How old were you when you started getting into makeup? 14 or 15, I got into makeup. I was in college around 18 when I got into dept store makeup and really started branching out, and then Sephora came into my life when I was 26 or 27.
3. What is your favorite color? Purple.
4. What is your favorite perfume? Hot Coutoure by Givenchy
5. Is your hair naturally straight, wavy, curly etc? All of the above. Fine and straight on top, wavy in the middle, and thick and curly near the nape of my neck ...
6. Do you color your hair? I used to, but I stopped a few years ago. I keep thinking about doing it again, but since I'd like to donate my hair to Locks of Love, it keeps my from doing it.
7. What genre of music do you listen to? Mostly all kinds - alternative, top 40, country, jazz, classical, big band, instrumental, acoustic, etc. i'm not really into heavy metal though.
8. Which is your favorite season? Fall. I love the crisp cool air and the changing of the tree leaves. And I love the anticipation of winter and snow, and the end of the deathly heat of summer.
9. What do you consider your style to be? I'm not sure, I don't think I have a style. Someone mentioned to me my clothes are always very feminine, but otherwise, I'd say simple. Is that a style? =)
10. Did you parents let you wear makeup when you were younger? Yep. When I was 12 my mother took me to buy my first makeup - a powder, a light pink lipstick, and a light pink/beige eyeshadow called Rose something ...
11. Who is your favorite beauty guru/blogger? xSparkage is my fav guru, which is funny because we have completely different features and she loves brights, so most of the stuff she does I can't use or try, but I love what she comes up with, and she's so cute you just have to smile when you watch her videos. I have a ton of nail bloggers I stalk though!

I'm not going to do any tagging but feel free to do this if you feel so inclined! Let me know if you do!


  1. First off: I'm jealous of that car! It sounds like a real beauty! So sweet of him to name it after you ;)
    Also: bubble bath + book = the dream ;)
    Your "Do unto others" mentality - that's the way to go! I think and act that way too, but I get disappointed, when I see that the other don't "help me back".
    And I recently found out about xSparkage and she is so sweet and talented! I love watching her videos!

    Really great post! It was fun to read ;)

    1. Yay! I'll have to try buble bath and book - Netflix on my computer + bath = sounds dangerous!

  2. This was really interesting to read!!! :D

  3. carpal tunnel syndrome for both of us!!

    and I know this was at the way beginning, but #2 = NOOOOOO

    1. I know! They only have a Walmart, but OMG where am I going to go for my polishes?!?


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